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                      Among a whale of other brands Leopard beholds an idiosyncratic character because of it's unique combination of style, comfort and performance hand in hand. Leopard is a brand that promises vegan products, our puffer jackets are not downs-puffed with any animal products like goose or duck feather. We use faux fur, synthetic polymeric fibers such as acrylic, modacrylic, and polyester which are recyclable as well. The synthetic polymeric fibers are filled in our jackets to create the loft (fluffiness), which traps air in the thousands of air pockets inside and keeps the wearer warm. A great advantage of using polyester, synthetic-filled jackets is that they possess a quick-drying quality and they also insulates even if wet; which is something down  jackets struggles to do.

                         We support animal conservation and thus we endorse one of the endangered animal of the world-the snow leopard. Our brand promises the warmth a leopard possesses staying amidst the coolest places in the world. We welcome one and all to come forward and wear a Leopard and feel the warmth.

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